What is an SSL certificate?

SSL certificate is a digital signature of a website that is required for a secure connection. With SSL, all information between the site and the client is encrypted so that it becomes inaccessible to third parties: fraudsters, system administrators and even providers. In this article, we will tell you in simple words why you need an SSL certificate and how to get it with cheap reseller hosting.

The difference between HTTP and HTTPS

To understand the difference between HTTP and HTTPS, look in the browser bar.

A secure connection is assigned to our site because we use a secure data transfer protocol — HTTPS.

How to see HTTP in the browser

This is how the “Connection to the site is not protected” icon looks like. Let’s explain in simple words why this is happening. The HTTP data transfer protocol is used to receive information from websites. We turn on the computer, open the browser, enter the address of your favorite site in the browser bar and press “Enter”.

At this time, the browser sends a special http request to the server where all information about our site is stored. In response, the server sends our browser a familiar html page This is a very simple HTTP operation scheme in cheap reseller hosting. In the abbreviation HTTPS, the cherished letter “S” is added at the end, which means “Secure” (from English “Secure”). The HTTPS protocol works as follows:

We all also enter the address of our favorite site in the browser bar and press “Enter”.

  • The browser sends a request to the site.
  • The site sends a copy of a special SSL certificate in response.
  • The browser verifies the validity of the certificate from the certification authority that issued it.
  • If the certificate is real, the site and the browser secretly agree on a special key that will encrypt the data and allow you to establish a secure https connection.

This is how HTTPS works with cheap reseller hosting. A little more complicated, but the meaning is clear. As it is clear why the connection with HTTPS is called secure — with the help of a secret key, customer data is encrypted, and fraudsters have no way to intercept them and harm you.

Why do I need an SSL certificate?

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is a well—known security technology that is used to create an encrypted connection between a cheap reseller hosting (website) and a browser. SSL certificates are issued by special certification centers. With their help, a secure https connection is established.

It serves for:

Data encryption:  This ensures protection from hackers and other criminals who want to steal information.

Receiving the “Secure Connection” sign: When it says “Not protected” in front of your domain, you intuitively want to leave the site and not go there anymore.

Better ranking in search engines: A secure connection is the standard for website operation in the modern world. Yes, you will be able to work on simple HTTP. But Google, for example, prefers sites based on a secure protocol.

Formation of customer loyalty: Knowing that it is safe to make purchases on your site and leave personal data, customers will do it much more willingly, and the conversion rate will increase.

How to get an SSL certificate

The easiest way to get an SSL certificate is to buy it. For example, you can buy an SSL certificate from us at a cost of 10USD  per year. Next, you need to install the certificate on the cheap reseller hosting. If you purchased it from another company, then you need to send an archive with its files through the “Support” section in the control panel. Our employees will promptly perform its connection. If you don’t have a certificate yet, then you can place an order in the “SSL certificates” section.