Are you a businessman and want to create an online store for your product? Are you just an aspiring author who wants to start a blog or website? In this case, you need to make the most important decision for further success — to choose your hosting. In this article we will talk about the advantages of cheap hosting. What is shared hosting? To organize, load and maintain your website, you will need to find a web hosting service that will provide you with a place to store all your files and documents. When it comes to web hosting options, they always talk about three options: ·       Virtual hosting; ·       VPS (Virtual Dedicated) server; ·       Dedicated server. Your choice depends on your needs, the type and size of your website and, of course, your budget. Cheap hosting is a service of a hosting company where several (many) sites of different users are stored on the same server. This involves sites sharing everything from bandwidth, traffic, FTP and email accounts to database and disk space. Also common are the computer processor, memory, and server maintenance fees. Usually, the provider has no restrictions […]